“Before the communications solution, our business managers were effectively losing one day for each bi-weekly meeting. Now, they’re saving not only the time, but also the travel costs. Brandon Global IT had the people and expertise to help get us to the next generation of communications.”
— Rory Donnelly, Chief Information Officer
Our relationship with Brandon is very beneficial to our business; the speed of implementation was outstanding. This was only made possible due to the extremely professional staff at Brandon.
— Tom Carthy, Finance Director
Brandon are great to deal with, they bring a huge amount of expertise to the table. Their hands on approach has made the transition from Legacy to VMware Virtualization a smooth process. Subsequently, their support services in the aftermath of this transition have been top class.
— Tom Neill, IS Director
We have never encountered a downside to dealing with Brandon. Anytime we do have a problem it is quickly and easily resolved. We feel that there are excellent communication channels in place which underlines Brandon’s top position in the IT consulting market. The company appointed an operations manager, an invaluable asset, to oversee the implementation and transition from start to finish which ensured a smooth process.
— David McAllister, Chief Technology Officer
“We cannot be more complementary towards Brandon, the professional manner and attention to detail the people at Brandon exhibited was very impressive”
— Mark Talbot, Network Support Manager

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