Cyber Security

Are you prepared for a cyberattack, or the aftermath of a successful breach?

With the increase in attacks and proliferation of data breaches, irish businesses are at increasing risk of potential attack and data loss.  Cyber attacks have become more sophisticated, frequent and difficult to identify.  The complexity and interoperability of IT systems makes the protection of company and customer data also difficult to protect. 

Firms need to assume that they will eventually be subject to a successful cyber attack.

IT Governance

  • Is there robust IT policies in place to protect your data?
  • Is there a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan in place to mitigate against a cyber attack and tested Annually?
  • Have staff being trained to identify cyber security threats? Do your staff receive ongoing training?
  • Is there reporting around backup, anti-virus, malware and external security vulnerabilities?
  • Has you network undergone penetration testing?
  • Is there an IT Asset Management plan in place?
  • Is there an IT Plan in place for 2017?