IT Security & Protection

When we work with clients, we put in place business solutions that bring peace of mind to business managers, taking the stress out of their IT management responsibilities and leading to far less downtime.

As part of our engagement we draw up an ‘Infrastructure Road Map’ to ensure your organisation achieves your business continuity objectives, keeping your firm online.

Firms need to assume that they will eventually be subject to a successful cyber attack. Going through the following questions will help to guide your IT security strategy:

  • Are there robust IT policies in place to protect your data?
  • Is there a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan in place to mitigate against a cyber attack and is it tested annually?
  • Have staff been trained to identify cyber security threats? Do your staff receive ongoing training?
  • Is there reporting of backup, anti-virus, malware and external security vulnerabilities?
  • Has you network undergone penetration testing?
  • Is there an IT Asset Management plan in place?
  • Is there an IT plan in place for this year?

Brandon are great to deal with, they bring a huge amount of expertise to the table. Their hands on approach has made the transition from Legacy to VMware Virtualization a smooth process. Subsequently, their support services in the aftermath of this transition have been top class.
— Tom Neill, IS Director, Bio Medical Research