Cybercrime has become a hot topic for organisations of all types, with many unsure just how resilient their systems are to malicious attacks. This can become a big issue for companies, not just for their daily operations, but also for the long-term reputation of their brand.

Law firms are at particular risk due to the sensitive nature of their business. Their clients need to trust that they are fully secure, and can adequately protect the confidential information they are responsible for.

Irish companies are being increasingly targeted by international cyber criminals, with 44% of companies reporting that they have been the victim of an attack compared to 32% globally. The Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation have warned that small and medium businesses are at particular risk.

However, the indication is that businesses recognise the importance of cybersecurity, and are responding to the challenge it poses. 49% of businesses surveyed claimed to carry out regular cyber security assessments in their organisation, and this is growing.

Though progress is slow, especially when compared to the rate at which cybercrime is increasing. Organisations that don’t take the necessary steps to protect themselves, their data, and their clients are taking a huge risk as they come into the crosshairs of unscrupulous hackers.

Pictured: Tom O'Neill, Managing Director, Brandon Global IT and Julie Brennan, Managing Director, Institute of Legal Research and Standards


We have teamed up with the Institute of Legal Research and Standards to offer an IT security audit and accreditation to law firms in Ireland. This service focuses on the security, best practice and resiliency of critical IT services and how these factors impact IT risk management, including regulatory concerns and data protection guidelines.

The independent IT security audit is comprised of a full review of your IT systems and processes, and is designed to identify any issues that may put your organisation at risk. Brandon follow a clear 5 step process, governed by best practice:

  1. Planning & Preparation
  2. Info Gathering & Analysis
  3. Vulnerability Detection
  4. Penetration Testing
  5. Report & Recommendations

The IT Security Audit is part of the wider ‘Q Standard’ quality mark accredited by the Institute of Legal Research and Standards. Firms that hold a Q Standard have been independently audited and rank among the highest quality law firms in Ireland.

To find out more about how your law firm can attain the Q Mark for IT Security contact us using the form below.

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The report from the audit was easy to understand
and allowed me to implement their
recommendations with our IT providers. What
impressed me most was their knowledge and
advice on the simple day-to-day things that I had
never seen as being an issue.
— Noel Dunne, Practice Manager, Reddy Charlton Solicitors
We found the IT audit beneficial, it was
independent and thorough. The report was very
comprehensive, and the follow-up meeting with the technical
consultant gave us guidance to
implement the recommendations.
— Pauline Hannon, Office Manager, Ensor O’Connor Solicitors
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