To specifically meet the ongoing personal development requirement for all solicitors as outlined by the Law Society, Brandon Global IT has designed a solution that will help keep you safe while interacting with the Internet while at the same time, work towards meeting your CPD requirement.

With the constant increase in the threats and the dependence by businesses on the Internet to communicate and operate, it is imperative, now more than ever, that all preventative measures are taken to minimise the risk that comes with being connected to the Internet.  This involves having a multi-layered approach to cyber security which includes the latest anti-virus updates, anti-malware software, a secure firewall with the latest security patches, to name just a few.  All of these are by passed though if people aren't educated on the cyber threat and how to reduce the risk of being the next cyber security victim.

Our training is delivered online and is broken into a number of 2 hour modules, with you selecting the content that you would like to cover.  Modules include: Safe Browsing, Phishing, Password Security, Social Media, Malware, Social Engineering, Removable Media, Mobile Security, Working Remotely, Public Networks, Securing Mobile Devices, Physical Security and Social Engineering.  

The training is delivered online and can be completed according to your schedule.  The training also involves a number of interactive exercises that help in the learning experience.  Upon completion, a certificate will be provided as proof of attendance.

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